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Happy Birthday Mukesh - A tribute to Mukesh Sahab

 Now Iam posting some of my favourite songs of Mukesh Sahab, a fabulous and prominent singer in the vintage times. He did a lot of playback for Raj Kapoor. He was born in 1923, and was a distant relative of veterean actor Motilal. In his early years he used to imitate his idol K. L. Saigalsaab a lot. So here are some of my favourite songs by him:

1. Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De (Pehli Nazar - 1945)

Mukesh sings hsi first playback song for Motilal, who introduced him. On screen are the latter and Munawar Sultana.

2. Layi Khushi Ki Duniya, Hanstee Huee Jawani (Vidya - 1948) with Suraiya.

Mukesh sings an early melody for Dev Anand, while Suraiya sings for herself. Nice musical score by S.D.Burman.

3. Main Bhanwara Tu Hai Phool (Mela - 1948) with Shamshad Begum

A lovely duet with Shamshad Begum, picturised on Dilip Kumar and Nargis.

4.Tu Kahe Agar Jeevanbhar Main Geet Sunata Jaoon (Andaz - 1949)

Mukesh sings a lovely song for Dilip Kumar, music by Naushad. Others on screen are Nargis and Cuckoo.

5. Awara Hoon (Awara - 1951)

Mukesh sings this song for Raj Kapoor.

6. Zilmil Tare Kare Ishare Soja (Mashuqa - 1953) with Suraiya

Surprisingly, Mukesh as the leading man, sings for himself, with his heroine Suraiya singing for herself. Good musical score by Roshan. Mukesh himself was a very handsome man, and played the hero in some movies.

7. Chhod Gaye Balam (Barsat - 1949) with Lata Mangeshkar

A very famous song by Lata and Mukesh, picturised on Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

8. Ramaiya Vastavaiyya (Shree 420 - 1955) with Lata and Rafi

A very famous and melodious song with three great singers, picturised on Raj Kapoor, Sheela Vak (Lata sings for her), a dancer boy and Lalita Pawar.

9. Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai Ya Muhabbat Ka Suroor (Yahudi - 1958)

Very popular, picturised on Dilip Kumar.

10. Jeena Isi Ka Nam Hai (Anari - 1959)

Again, Mukesh sings a nice song for Raj Kapoor.

11. Sab Kuch Seekha Hamne (Anari - 1959)

Another heart rending composition on Raj Kapoor.

12. Dam Dam Diga Diga Mausam Bhiga (Chhalia - 1960)

Another fun melody with Raj Kapoor on screen.

13. Mujhe Sach Sach Bata Do (Bawre Nain - 1950) with Rajkumari

A lovely duet by Mukesh and Rajkumari, picturised on Raj Kapoor and a very young Geeta Bali.

14. Malwa(?) Mein Pyar Dole, Sara Sansar Dole (Sartaj - 1950) with Zohrabai Ambalewali

Here is a very melodious and rare duet of Mukesh and the great Zohrabai Amabalewali. Unfortunately the video is unavailable.

15. Dil Donon Mein Kho Gaya (Sunehre Din - 1949) with Surinder Kaur.

A very rare duet of Mukesh and Surinder Kaur. Picturised on Raj Kapoor and Rehana.

And here I would like to end my tribute to Mukesh. He was truly a fabulous singer.

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